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 Justin is the best trainer I have ever had!!! He is always there for his clients when they need him, he is so down to earth and just a wonderful person all together. I have been going to him for five months now and he has helped me lose 36lbs already, and I have never felt better. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone, I can't say enough about Justin!!!! Stop waiting around and just do it!!! Call him today!!! It will be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

    "Ashley C"

Working with Justin is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
 When I moved to Austin in 2014, I was still recovering from a back injury. I had 5 months of physical therapy but was still dealing with chronic pain. By some miracle I found Justin and after one session he knew what I needed to do. Justin designed workouts to strengthen and heal my back. Three months after starting with Justin my back pain was gone!
 Justin not only helped with my recovery, but he's helped with my strength, endurance, and nutrition. His versatility makes him the ideal trainer for any level- as you grow and change, he works with you to keep you challenged and making gains. This isn't someone who can only to do the recovery side of it-- and this isn't a meathead who is going to load you up with weight and ask why you can't do it. 
 Justin truly cares about YOU. He understands that fitness is a journey and he is there through the emotional work as well as the physical.  
 I went from a back injury, to squatting 200+ pounds and losing 8% body fat. It hasn't been easy--there have been so many ups and downs, but Justin has kept me focused, calm, and believing in myself. 
 If you're nervous about starting, if you've been injured, if you've plateaued and don't know why, if you want a coach that's going to push you to the next level-- Justin and Strive to be Fit is it. You absolutely do not need to look anywhere else.

    "Lea B."

 I started training with Justin about 3 and a-half years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is also the longest I have ever consistently worked out in my life. Before training with Justin, I used to get discouraged with my workouts being too repetitive or not seeing the results I expected, but training with Justin has changed my thoughts on working out. Now I actually look forward to every work out. Justin tailors my training to my needs and fitness goals and I have never felt better. From nutrition, to kickboxing, to group boot camps, to personal training he’s got something for people on all fitness levels and always does his best to accommodate his client’s busy schedule. If you’re looking for a trainer to motivate and encourage you and who actually cares about your health and well-being then you will love training with Justin just as much as I do.

    "Katelyn K"

I first began training with Justin about two and a half years ago and he has been an incredible trainer to work with! I was not much of an athlete by background and didn’t have hardly any experience working out. This created a sense of anxiety around going to the gym. I didn’t know what to work on or how to do certain exercises. After working with Justin, I have grown a ton in my comfort level in the gym. He works to tailor a program that will accomplish your individual goals and is always there to answer any questions you might have.


Justin also has a very magnetic personality. Almost everyone in the gym knows him and he is there to assist anyone who might need something. This illustrates how he goes above and beyond. To Justin, it isn’t just about training someone for the 50 minutes you see him - it’s about building a relationship with people to understand their overall fitness and lifestyle goals and then helping them work towards achieving those goals.


I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Justin over the past couple years and would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering working with a trainer. 

    "David P"

 I met Justin a couple of years ago when a friend and I went to try out a boot camp class that he was leading. It was such a great workout we knew we had to continue and signed up for personal training. I was making excellent progress but in May of 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had five surgeries including a bilateral mastectomy and lymph node removal. During this time I was unable to exercise or lift anything more than a few pounds for about seven months. When I was finally released to work out again I immediately contacted Justin. I had lost so much strength that some everyday tasks were very difficult. I could not even do one push up and I had no stamina for regular exercise. I was so disappointed because everything I had worked so hard for was gone.   Justin assured me that I would get back into shape and he was right. Thanks to him, I am now squatting 220 pounds and deadlifting 170 pounds. He has been the greatest motivator, pushing me to accomplish the goals I have set for myself. He is one of my biggest supporters. Justin is professional and very passionate about what he does but most of all he really cares about his clients and their success.

    "Leslie D"

 Justin is by far the best trainer I've worked with. He helped design a program for me to continue to make gains and compete in my first ever powerlifting meet! He was there to cheer me on too. He won't let you down as a trainer. He will help you achieve your goal no matter what it is. His knowledge is astonishing too. The boot camps are way fun too and will keep you motivated.  Strive to be the best you with Justin!

    "Ashley P."

Creating awareness and a positive atmosphere, while individualizing a program for our client’s success. We are here to make those lifestyle changes a reality! Your successes and achievements are ours. Take the first step and join the STRIVE TO BE FIT FAMILY! Let’s get started today! 

A stronger healthier you is possible. You can do it and we are here to help.

Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

In 2015, my friend referred me to Justin and Neaomi for help with my chronic knee pain. I'd had little success in alleviating my pain through numerous treatments up to that point and was initially skeptical they'd be able to help me. When I first began training with them, I felt incredibly limited in the physical activity I could do and was perpetually afraid of injuring myself. I had always been active when I was younger but no longer felt physically strong enough to be as active as I wanted. Justin and Neaomi challenged me to break out of my comfort zone from the first day I started training with them. They were attentive in guiding me through my continued fears and physical limitations, yet they constantly pushed me harder than I felt I was capable of. Through working with them, I became empowered by regaining my strength and learning more about my health. Over time, my chronic knee pain dissipated until one day when it stopped. I began running short stints and worked my way up to a 5K, 10K, and eventually a half marathon. In retrospect, it is beyond incredible what these people have helped me achieve over the past two years. When I first came to them, I expected that they'd be able to help lessen my chronic pain at best. I certainly didn't expect them to enable me to return to long-distance running, much less empower me in the numerous ways that they have. They have given me the ability to live my life again, and I'm forever grateful to them.

       "Camille J."

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